Where attached the false eyelashes on natural lashes?

Where is the grafted eyelash glue? After grafting the eyelashes, the beauty of the eyelashes has a flashing effect when blinking. Although it is beautiful after grafting eyelashes, safety is often overlooked by everyone. Is grafting eyelashes the most suitable place to pick up?

Where the grafting eyelashes are glued

 Generally stuck at 0.5mm

 Grafting eyelashes are glued to a distance of 0.5mm from the root of the eyelashes. Artificial false eyelashes are attached at 0.5mm so that the glue does not come into contact with the roots of the eyelashes, nor does it cause hair follicles to be sensitive or prevent normal growth of the original eyelashes. .

 Eyes are sensitive and stick to 1mm

 If some of the beauty-minded eyes are sensitive or need to wear contact lenses, then the eyelashes are considering the factors that avoid eye irritation when grafting the eyelashes, and the eyelashes are glued to a position 1 mm away from the root of the eyelashes.

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