How to graft eyelashes?

Control the temperature at 18-25 °C with special glue

When grafting eyelashes, the eyelashes will use special eyelash grafting glue to bond the original eyelashes and artificial eyelashes. During operation, a sensitive thermometer is prepared, usually at a temperature of 18-25 °C. If the degree is too high, the quality of the glue will be reduced to affect the viscosity; on the contrary, if the temperature is too low, the quality of the glue will be affected.

Control the humidity between 50-65%

When the indoor humidity is maintained at 55%, the adhesion is optimal. The eyelashes are acceptable for operation between 50-65% humidity. It is worth mentioning that when the humidity reaches 65% or more, the hardening speed will increase, the toughness will also decrease, and it will be much weaker than normal. The humidity is too low because there is not enough moisture to help, the glue is glued. The hardening rate will slow down.

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