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        How To Choose The Best Quality Eyelash Extension Glue!

        How To Choose The Best Quality Eyelash Extension Glue!

        In the process of eyelash extensions application, the biggest headache for eyelash beauticians is probably that there is no proper glue. The eyelash extension glue is most important accessory for lash extensions application. Then how to choose the best eyelash extension glue. Here following are some essential tips to you:

        First of all, we need to know that no glue is suitable for everyone. Instead of complaining that the glue you bought is not easy to use, you'd better learn how to choose the glue first. If you use suitable glue for different clients, you will find that it is not so difficult.

        1. Drying speed of extension glue

        First of all, we need to understand that the main components of lash extension glues are cyanoacrylate, this ingredient's main effect is to make sure the lash extension glue dries quickly and keep the lash extensions for a few weeks. There are two main factors influencing the curing of cyanoacrylate: humidity and temperature in your room.

        a. Humidity

        Humidity is the "activator" of the adhesion of eyelash glue, and cyanoacrylate begins to solidify only when there is enough moisture. Therefore, the influence of humidity on eyelash extension glue is as follows:

        • drying speed of the adhesive during the lash application.

        • the strength and retention of the extended lashes

        We can choose high humidity or low humidity eyelash extension glue according to room humidity

        -High humidity eyelash extension glue

        In a high humidity surrounding room (such as more than 60% indoor humidity), the cyanoacrylate in the glue will be "quickly activated" by excessive moisture in the air, and the curing and drying speed of the glue will be much faster than the original drying speed.

        For example, you often use a 3 to 4 second dry glue, it in high humidity drying time is less than 3 seconds. 

        If the drying speed is too fast for you, choose a slower drying time glue, the original drying time is 4 to 5 seconds, in high humidity environment will become 3 to 4 seconds, just in line with your habits.

        -Low humidity eyelash extension glue

        On the contrary, if the humidity in the air is too low (say less than 45%), then we need to use eyelash glue that dries faster.

        We can also change the effect of humidity on the drying time of extension glue by adjusting the indoor humidity to 45-60%.

        b. Temperature

        The influence of temperature on the drying speed of eyelash extension is not as great as that of humidity, but on the viscosity of eyelash extension.

        When the air temperature becomes lower, the viscosity of glue will become harder than usual. When the temperature becomes higher, the viscosity of glue will become smaller, and sometimes even melt. In this case, we can choose the glue with faster drying time or adjust the indoor temperature to 22-26 ℃.

        2. Your hand speed

        In addition to the drying speed of extension glue, we have to consider our own experience, that is, how fast you can complete the whole extension process.

        For beginners, we suggest choosing the adhesive with longer drying time. This way you won't worry about the glue drying too fast to adjust the position of the eyelashes.

        As you become more experienced and more skilled, you can choose an eyelash glue with shorter drying time.

        3. Choose extension glue according to customers

        Some customers are more sensitive to the smell of glue and even sensitive to some glue. So low sensitive extension glue is also one of your essential products.

        The retention time of low sensitive extension glue is shorter than the normal one, so you need to tell your customers about this before using it.

        Other tips:

        In the process of choosing eyelash glue, you can drop a little glue and stick it on your index finger. Then put index finger and thumb together, and then open, if immediately stick, you know this glue is fast dry. Then open it slowly and feel the stickiness. If it's hard to peel, it's obvious that this glue has strong stickiness

        After reading the above content, I believe you already know how to choose the appropriate extension glue. With your technology, you will be able to make a nice eyelash extension that satisfies your clients. Shu Lashes is one of the leading eyelash extension vendors in China for more than 20 years. We offer exceptional quality eyelash extension supplies at most competitive factory prices, free samples available. Welcome!

        Essential Tips For Faster Eyelash Extension Application!

        Essential Tips For Faster Eyelash Extension Application!

        In the coming peak season of eyelash extension application, the reputation and capacity of the lash salon directly affect the income of this salon. A lot of lash artists have the same trouble. Can't the speed of eyelash extension technique be improved, or is it taking too long time to improve? So how to speed up eyelash extension application under the premise of ensuring the quality? Let's take a look at the following essential tips.

        In salon environment
        A warm and comfortable environment for decoration,
        A bed of moderate hardness,
        A fluffy soft pillow,
        A warm blanket,
        Some soft music
        All of these to let your clients relax and enjoy your service when they are lying down.
        Basic Equipment
        1. Eyelash forceps
        A good technician must have a handy set of tools. As a necessary eyelash extension tweezers for eyelash technician, you must choose a good quality and suitable style for your hand. We have a special article before about the tips to choose the best lash extension tweezers which you can refer to.
        2. Lighting
        Eyelash extension application is a delicate work, and each step needs to be accurate to each eyelash. Usually used in the room that kind of yellow warm light is not suitable, light must be bright enough. Glamcor light is the first choice for many beauty shops. But if your budget is limited, you can consider Neewer ring light. The quality is also very good and the price is much more affordable.
        3. Thermometers and hygrometers
        Indoor temperature and humidity not only make customers feel comfortable, but also affect the drying speed of eyelash glue. Adjust the temperature and humidity, choose the eyelash glue suitable for your hand speed.

        4. Mobile storage vehicle
        This is a very practical object. Multi layers setting, the required items are placed by category. Small body, large capacity. It's very convenient to move according to the position you need.

        5. Clock
        Desktop or hanging clock is OK, you just need to look up to check the time. Using your finger to slide your mobile phone to check the time will greatly reduce your work efficiency, and even disrupt your work rhythm.

        6. Eyelash technician's skills
        There is a very important link in the process of eyelash extensions, we need to do a lot of practice before we really serve customers, that is eyelash isolation. It's a kind of difficult work but you can overcome it with some tips and great practice. Have a look in the previous article about eyelash extension isolation.
        The technique of eyelash extension represents the service quality of this beauty shop. In order to have a large number of repeat customers and attract more new customers, we have no shortcut but to practice repeatedly until we master it.

        Other considerations
        Eyelash isolation technology emphasizes the separation of the upper eyelashes. Don't forget that the lower eyelashes also need to be taken care of, especially the position of the eye pad. If the lower eyelash pad is not well pasted, the lower eyelashes will jump out and mix with the upper eyelashes. You have to separate them again, which will greatly slow down your work speed.
        Don't brush your eyelashes frequently
        It is necessary to comb the natural eyelashes before the separation of eyelashes, but we don't need to comb the eyelashes frequently in the whole process of eyelash extension. This not only affects your speed, but also causes the lashes to fall off.
        Some useful things
        Lash primer
        We use make up primer before making up. We do have lash primer before lash extension. One of the effects of the lash primer is removing the dirt and oil from the natural lashes. Another is to keep the false lashes extension’s retention time.
        Best quality lash extensions
        Do use the best lash extensions. The lash extension quality is always most important to your business. The last extension cost is only a small percent of the application. Shu Lashes offers best lash extension supplies to ten thousands of lash salon clients every year. All our lash materials are from South Korea but handwork at China factory. So our lashes would be very high quality same as from South Korea, but with the most competitive factory prices. Our premium classic lashes and easy fan lashes are easy apply lashes due to their microscopic laser-processed indentations, which is not easy to slide off from the natural lashes.
        Preparation from the customers' side
        The cooperation of customers also affects our work efficiency. Before the customers make an appointment to make eyelashes, we can make some kindly reminders.
        a. Don't make up before you come
        Eyelash extension needs to keep the natural lash with no makeup. If the customer comes with makeup, you need to help her remove the eye makeup before you can start eyelash extension. You do need these times to serve more customers. Please tell your customers not to make up before they come.
        b. Don't chat during operation
        Chatting is a good way to maintain the relationship between you and the customer, but not in your working time. When the customer speaks, she moves her face, causing you have to adjust your operation, or even stop. This will slow down your work.
        For guests who especially like to chat, a mask can help her calm down.
        c. Don't drink caffeinated drinks
        Caffeinated drinks can be exciting or tense. It is a very good state for the customer to relax and rest properly during the process of eyelash extension.
        Some good environment layout, some reasonable equipment preparation, can help you improve the speed of eyelash extension but these are just some auxiliary means. The biggest influence on your operating speed is your proficiency. The so-called "practice makes perfect" means that proficiency can produce good methods. Practice hard, girls. You're all the best lash artists!

        How To Take Better Photos For Eyelash Extension Business!

        How To Take Better Photos For Eyelash Extension Business!

        Recall that the first thing that attracts you to an ad is its image. Therefore, a good and attractive advertising image can make customers stop to stay. For those who are engaged in eyelash extensions beauty, you must also know the importance of taking a good publicity photo. But not everyone can take wonderful photos. If we always rely on the help of professional photographers, then the investment cost is a little higher.
        As a matter of fact, it's not as difficult to take nice pictures in lash extensions industry as you think. All you need to do is prepare some simple equipment and spend some time learning and practicing the following skills, you can also take beautiful pictures by yourself and make a good advertisement for your eyelash business.
        All good photos are taken under the following basic elements: scene, lighting, grid & composition, editing.
        For taking eyelash photos, the scene requirements are not high. Eyelash photo is more attention to detail shooting, before and after the contrast shooting, so you don't need to take too much care about the scene decoration. 
        Light is the key to indoor photography. Before shooting, turn on all the light sources, and then observe the environment to see if you need other external auxiliary light sources. Use natural light, but sometimes have to use external auxiliary light source.
        The most commonly used auxiliary light sources are as follows:
        a. Ring light
        In the field of live broadcasting and portrait photography, there is a very popular equipment, which is the ring lamp.
        Its usage is very simple: put the lamp in front of the main body, and put the camera in the center of the lamp circle to shoot. In this way, photos are often exposed evenly and have few shadows. It makes you look great.
        It's also perfect for big head shots and close ups. When we take close-up of eyelashes, we can use the ring lamp to show a very good effect.
        In addition to the main light source or supplementary light source, the ring lamp can also be used as a shooting prop. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a ring lamp. Moreover, compared with other professional photography equipment, the price of ring lamp is really affordable.
        b. Selfie light
        If the ring light is relatively large and inconvenient to carry or move, then the selfie light is really small and convenient to carry. It can be installed directly on your mobile phone and has a range of brightness options. For some close range shooting, the selfie light can play a sufficient light supply for the capture of small details.
        A mobile phone, a light source, you are ready to take photos.
        Now that the basic equipment is available, let's start shooting.
        Grid & Composition
        A good picture can't be separated from a good composition. Photographers will use many composition methods, and for our eyelash photo shooting, master several common methods is enough.
        The rule of thirds
        The rule of thirds should be the most common and basic composition method. This method is to use four lines to divide the picture into nine equal squares. This kind of composition is suitable for all kinds of shooting subjects, the most commonly used is scenery, people and so on.
        The main body of the picture is placed on the frame line, so that the main body of the picture is very clearly reflected. As shown in the picture, the eyelashes are at the intersection of the frame lines, which is very eye-catching.
        Symmetrical composition
        Symmetrical composition has balance and stability, but its disadvantage is too rigid and lack of change. This composition method is very suitable for us to do the contrast picture, the contrast picture before and after eyelash extension, the effect will be very shocking.
        Prospect and depth
        The photo itself is a plane, but if you add a foreground to the picture, there will be a kind of depth, so as to achieve the 3D effect.
        Tap the screen and focus on the eyes closer to us as the foreground, showing eyelashes from different angles to show their length and curl.
        I'm not satisfied with the photos? Then use our "trick" - editing. Blockbusters are cut out.
        For example, when shooting, you don't have a good grasp of the rule of third, then adjust it in the later editing. Adjust the brightness, color contrast to make the photo look more harmonious. But we must pay attention to the photo can not be distorted, do not over decorate the skin. Especially large skin defects can be modified, but it does not mean that the whole skin is modified like a fake.
        If you are just beginning to learn how to shoot, you should be a model yourself, practice more, compare and summarize. One day, you will take great photos to surprise your customers and can't wait to book your service. Shu Lashes offers not only the best eyelash extension supplies, but also more useful lash trainning and toturials to our clients. If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome!

        How to remove mink eyelashes?

        Generally, the eyelash extensions used in the beauty eyelashes store are made by glue. Therefore, remove false eyelashes must be very carefully, once the treatment is not proper will tear down the real eyelashes.

        The first method:

        Step 1: Wipe the myopic glue remover to ensure that the swab is completely saturated.

        Step 2: Gently wipe around the upper eyelid with a cotton swab, and then slowly wipe around the outer contour of the eye, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently hit a small circle, remove the agent will slowly melt glue.

        Step 3: Use a cotton swab to gently rub the eyeliner about ten times, and pinch the base of the false eyelashes with your thumb and forefinger. The grafting will be easily removed.

        Step 4: After removing the eyelashes, we wipe the upper eyelid once with the remover to remove the remaining glue.

        Finally wash your eyes and face with warm water and clean the remaining scavenger.


        The second method: use steam and olive oil to remove

        Step 1: Burn a pot of hot water to make eyelashes steam. At this time, the face is facing the steam and the steam around it is near the face. The hot steam helps to loosen the false eyelashes.

        Step 2: To moisten the olive oil with a cotton ball or a cotton pad, wipe the root of the eyelashes with a cotton ball, taking care not to get any eyes. Swab the eyelashes until the planted false eyelashes fall completely.


        wholesale line:; What’s App: +86 13280806995.

        How to apply false lashes?

        False eyelashes can make the eyes become beautiful and increase the eye charm. Most of the methods that girls use now are false eyelashes, but sometimes they are too cumbersome. I hope they can be posted. Now let us introduce you to the best way of sticking the whole article.
        1. With a good length, you can start applying glue. You don't need to paint too much. If you don't control it well, you can use a cotton swab to apply glue and apply it to the base of the false eyelashes. The amount of control is probably the case, good enough false eyelash glue coating this point is enough, you can stick very firmly, and it is easy to clean after the dry. It can be reinforced by adding a little amount to the eyes and eyes. If you apply too much, it will spill over to the eyelids and there will be eyelashes. After applying the glue, do not apply it to the eyelids immediately. But to blow 10 to 15 seconds, so that the rubber was semi-dry state, this time the viscosity of the glue posted the most prison.
        2. This is about the whole post: 1. Look down to reveal the entire eyelid. 2. False eyelashes should be slightly tilted up and not flat. It wasn't good to look too peaceful. It is also very important that the closer the false eyelashes are to their true eyelashes, the more realistic they look. Therefore, it is necessary to have the same feeling as putting the false eyelashes into the junction between the eyelids and the eyelashes. There is a feeling that from the bottom to the top, you can put false eyelashes close to your real eyelashes.
        3. Officially started posting. Step 1: Use a flat tweezers to hold the middle of the false eyelashes near the root. Visually, the outside of the false eyelashes is aligned with the outer corner of the eye. Then point to the middle point and stick it up. Adhere to the top of the eyelid, above the real eyelashes (do not stick to real eyelashes, because it is not sticky). The closer you get to your eyelashes, the more realistic.
        4. Immediately after the middle is pasted, let go of the dice.
        5. Then hold the outer roots of the false eyelashes and stick to the end of the eye (you can see a little white glue at this time, but don't worry, it will become transparent in a while)
        6. The corner of the eye is the same as the end of the eye. It also grips the root of the false eyelashes and sends it to the inner corner of the eye.
        7. At this time, the entire false eyelashes are basically affixed, but it is not the most secure. There may still be a gap in the middle. The entire false eyelashes can be pushed inwards with one finger, allowing the base to fully fit the eyelids.