Essential Tips For Faster Eyelash Extension Application!

Essential Tips For Faster Eyelash Extension Application!

In the coming peak season of eyelash extension application, the reputation and capacity of the lash salon directly affect the income of this salon. A lot of lash artists have the same trouble. Can't the speed of eyelash extension technique be improved, or is it taking too long time to improve? So how to speed up eyelash extension application under the premise of ensuring the quality? Let's take a look at the following essential tips.

In salon environment
A warm and comfortable environment for decoration,
A bed of moderate hardness,
A fluffy soft pillow,
A warm blanket,
Some soft music
All of these to let your clients relax and enjoy your service when they are lying down.
Basic Equipment
1. Eyelash forceps
A good technician must have a handy set of tools. As a necessary eyelash extension tweezers for eyelash technician, you must choose a good quality and suitable style for your hand. We have a special article before about the tips to choose the best lash extension tweezers which you can refer to.
2. Lighting
Eyelash extension application is a delicate work, and each step needs to be accurate to each eyelash. Usually used in the room that kind of yellow warm light is not suitable, light must be bright enough. Glamcor light is the first choice for many beauty shops. But if your budget is limited, you can consider Neewer ring light. The quality is also very good and the price is much more affordable.
3. Thermometers and hygrometers
Indoor temperature and humidity not only make customers feel comfortable, but also affect the drying speed of eyelash glue. Adjust the temperature and humidity, choose the eyelash glue suitable for your hand speed.

4. Mobile storage vehicle
This is a very practical object. Multi layers setting, the required items are placed by category. Small body, large capacity. It's very convenient to move according to the position you need.

5. Clock
Desktop or hanging clock is OK, you just need to look up to check the time. Using your finger to slide your mobile phone to check the time will greatly reduce your work efficiency, and even disrupt your work rhythm.

6. Eyelash technician's skills
There is a very important link in the process of eyelash extensions, we need to do a lot of practice before we really serve customers, that is eyelash isolation. It's a kind of difficult work but you can overcome it with some tips and great practice. Have a look in the previous article about eyelash extension isolation.
The technique of eyelash extension represents the service quality of this beauty shop. In order to have a large number of repeat customers and attract more new customers, we have no shortcut but to practice repeatedly until we master it.

Other considerations
Eyelash isolation technology emphasizes the separation of the upper eyelashes. Don't forget that the lower eyelashes also need to be taken care of, especially the position of the eye pad. If the lower eyelash pad is not well pasted, the lower eyelashes will jump out and mix with the upper eyelashes. You have to separate them again, which will greatly slow down your work speed.
Don't brush your eyelashes frequently
It is necessary to comb the natural eyelashes before the separation of eyelashes, but we don't need to comb the eyelashes frequently in the whole process of eyelash extension. This not only affects your speed, but also causes the lashes to fall off.
Some useful things
Lash primer
We use make up primer before making up. We do have lash primer before lash extension. One of the effects of the lash primer is removing the dirt and oil from the natural lashes. Another is to keep the false lashes extension’s retention time.
Best quality lash extensions
Do use the best lash extensions. The lash extension quality is always most important to your business. The last extension cost is only a small percent of the application. Shu Lashes offers best lash extension supplies to ten thousands of lash salon clients every year. All our lash materials are from South Korea but handwork at China factory. So our lashes would be very high quality same as from South Korea, but with the most competitive factory prices. Our premium classic lashes and easy fan lashes are easy apply lashes due to their microscopic laser-processed indentations, which is not easy to slide off from the natural lashes.
Preparation from the customers' side
The cooperation of customers also affects our work efficiency. Before the customers make an appointment to make eyelashes, we can make some kindly reminders.
a. Don't make up before you come
Eyelash extension needs to keep the natural lash with no makeup. If the customer comes with makeup, you need to help her remove the eye makeup before you can start eyelash extension. You do need these times to serve more customers. Please tell your customers not to make up before they come.
b. Don't chat during operation
Chatting is a good way to maintain the relationship between you and the customer, but not in your working time. When the customer speaks, she moves her face, causing you have to adjust your operation, or even stop. This will slow down your work.
For guests who especially like to chat, a mask can help her calm down.
c. Don't drink caffeinated drinks
Caffeinated drinks can be exciting or tense. It is a very good state for the customer to relax and rest properly during the process of eyelash extension.
Some good environment layout, some reasonable equipment preparation, can help you improve the speed of eyelash extension but these are just some auxiliary means. The biggest influence on your operating speed is your proficiency. The so-called "practice makes perfect" means that proficiency can produce good methods. Practice hard, girls. You're all the best lash artists!
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