How To Choose The Best Quality Eyelash Extension Glue!

How To Choose The Best Quality Eyelash Extension Glue!

In the process of eyelash extensions application, the biggest headache for eyelash beauticians is probably that there is no proper glue. The eyelash extension glue is most important accessory for lash extensions application. Then how to choose the best eyelash extension glue. Here following are some essential tips to you:

First of all, we need to know that no glue is suitable for everyone. Instead of complaining that the glue you bought is not easy to use, you'd better learn how to choose the glue first. If you use suitable glue for different clients, you will find that it is not so difficult.

1. Drying speed of extension glue

First of all, we need to understand that the main components of lash extension glues are cyanoacrylate, this ingredient's main effect is to make sure the lash extension glue dries quickly and keep the lash extensions for a few weeks. There are two main factors influencing the curing of cyanoacrylate: humidity and temperature in your room.

a. Humidity

Humidity is the "activator" of the adhesion of eyelash glue, and cyanoacrylate begins to solidify only when there is enough moisture. Therefore, the influence of humidity on eyelash extension glue is as follows:

• drying speed of the adhesive during the lash application.

• the strength and retention of the extended lashes

We can choose high humidity or low humidity eyelash extension glue according to room humidity

-High humidity eyelash extension glue

In a high humidity surrounding room (such as more than 60% indoor humidity), the cyanoacrylate in the glue will be "quickly activated" by excessive moisture in the air, and the curing and drying speed of the glue will be much faster than the original drying speed.

For example, you often use a 3 to 4 second dry glue, it in high humidity drying time is less than 3 seconds. 

If the drying speed is too fast for you, choose a slower drying time glue, the original drying time is 4 to 5 seconds, in high humidity environment will become 3 to 4 seconds, just in line with your habits.

-Low humidity eyelash extension glue

On the contrary, if the humidity in the air is too low (say less than 45%), then we need to use eyelash glue that dries faster.

We can also change the effect of humidity on the drying time of extension glue by adjusting the indoor humidity to 45-60%.

b. Temperature

The influence of temperature on the drying speed of eyelash extension is not as great as that of humidity, but on the viscosity of eyelash extension.

When the air temperature becomes lower, the viscosity of glue will become harder than usual. When the temperature becomes higher, the viscosity of glue will become smaller, and sometimes even melt. In this case, we can choose the glue with faster drying time or adjust the indoor temperature to 22-26 ℃.

2. Your hand speed

In addition to the drying speed of extension glue, we have to consider our own experience, that is, how fast you can complete the whole extension process.

For beginners, we suggest choosing the adhesive with longer drying time. This way you won't worry about the glue drying too fast to adjust the position of the eyelashes.

As you become more experienced and more skilled, you can choose an eyelash glue with shorter drying time.

3. Choose extension glue according to customers

Some customers are more sensitive to the smell of glue and even sensitive to some glue. So low sensitive extension glue is also one of your essential products.

The retention time of low sensitive extension glue is shorter than the normal one, so you need to tell your customers about this before using it.

Other tips:

In the process of choosing eyelash glue, you can drop a little glue and stick it on your index finger. Then put index finger and thumb together, and then open, if immediately stick, you know this glue is fast dry. Then open it slowly and feel the stickiness. If it's hard to peel, it's obvious that this glue has strong stickiness

After reading the above content, I believe you already know how to choose the appropriate extension glue. With your technology, you will be able to make a nice eyelash extension that satisfies your clients. Shu Lashes is one of the leading eyelash extension vendors in China for more than 20 years. We offer exceptional quality eyelash extension supplies at most competitive factory prices, free samples available. Welcome!

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